Jennifer Jackson

Vice-President, Investment Advisor

Jennifer Jackson leads The Jackson Group at CIBC Wood Gundy, focusing on the needs of late-career professionals facing early retirement options. She first joined the industry in 1995 and since then has developed a practiced and detailed process for preserving, growing and transferring wealth tax efficiently.

Jen first began offering investment advice in 2000, and in 2007 she merged her independent practice with that of her father, Gord Jackson, to form The Jackson Group at CIBC Wood Gundy. Jen and Gord have since expanded the family practice to include Jen's husband Mike Long, and additional specialists in the areas of estate and financial planning.

From the beginning, Jen has recognized the value of detailed financial planning, and as a result, this has become a central part of her process with clients. This helps Jen and her team develop customized strategies, adjusting them as clients’ lives shift and evolve.

Today, Jen works primarily with professionals in fields such as manufacturing and defence, building plans that adapt to the challenges of early retirement so that they can live their ideal retirement lifestyle.


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