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Many of our clients have come to us as they approach retirement, or as they consider early retirement. They are looking for answers, and, through a clear financial roadmap, that’s what we provide. This is what a few of them had to say about their experience with us:

"The possibility of early retirement created lots of questions and concerns for Nancy and me. Should I take my pension as offered by my company, or should I cash it out and mange it independently? What would my tax situation look like, and when should I take CPP? Would we have enough money to allow us to meet our goals, and would our money last? Huge decisions that have to be right. Jen worked with us to develop a plan that has allowed us to move forward in retirement with confidence. Working with a professional as knowledgeable and strategic as Jen was the beginning of our very successful retirement."

Rob Kress
Retired from MTS Allstream
Client since 2005

"It's been great working with a team with so much experience in pensions and retirement. They helped my wife and me visualize what we really wanted out of retirement and showed us all the steps to make it a reality."

John Lawson
Former Senior Director, International Programs, GDLS
Client since 2008

"I’ve worked with Jen and her team for over 14 years, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone at 3M who’s thinking about retirement. She understands 3M’s pension and benefits and brings it all together into one cohesive plan. She also takes a very personalized approach and this, together with her depth of knowledge, has helped me meet my goals."

Bruce Coull
Change Sales Manager, 3M Canada


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